Heat pumps – which power to choose?

Heat pumps – which power to choose? Proper selection of the heat pump power allows not only to meet the heat demand of our home, but also to use this heat source economically in the interior. A heat pump is an ecological and economical solution when it comes to heating a house or building. Nevertheless, […]

Heat Pumps ranking

Position Model name Rate Oferta 1 Netsu S-NET-10-1PH SPLIT 10KW 4,80/5 Request an offer 2 LG liquid pump HU121/HN1616 SPLIT THERMA V HU121/HN1616 4,80/5 Request an offer 3 Netsu M-NET-10-1PH 10KW Monoblok 4,70/5 Request an offer 4 Viessmann Vitocal 343 moc 5,9 kW 4,50/5 Request an offer 5 Nibe-Biawar Pompa F1145 PC 4,50/5 Request an […]

Heat pump as air conditioning

Heat pump as air conditioning As the air conditioner is in practice a device built and functioning as an air-to-air heat pump, it can successfully replace a traditional air conditioner. Except that the cooling path is exactly the opposite to that of heating. What’s more, we do not need any additional elements or modifications to […]

Subsidies for the heat pump

Subsidies for the heat pump Currently, a subsidy for the installation of a heat pump can be obtained in the only nationwide program, which is Clean Air. It can be used by people replacing the heating source and currently it is not available to people who are just building a house. However, this is to […]

How a heat pump works

History of heat pumps The development of heat pump technology dates back to the 19th century: Frenchman Nicolas Carnot published the first principles of heat pump operation in 1824. The first ground source heat pump was put into operation in the USA in 1945, it was equipped with a compressor with a nominal power of […]