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About company

Welcome to Yellow Boson, a company that is DIFFERENT

Who we are

We are a team of experienced, young and dynamic people from various backgrounds. Some creative, some strategic and some technical. But we are all united in our mission for a better future, contribute to the sustainable development of the planet, make the environment cleaner and healthier without pollution as much as possible.


We say what we mean and we do what we say. We are open and respectful. Our values define how we do business and interact with our colleagues, partners, customers and consumers.

We believe that switching to solar energy should be easy and hassle-free. We take care of all formalities and the installation process. We work quickly and efficiently.


Disseminating green, clean solar energy and making it available to everyone.

Our clients are both homeowners and large corporations, no job is too small or too big. We always try to build a long-term partnership with our clients. Our success is not only the highest quality of the work performed, it is honesty, attitude and approach. We owe our reputation to the special way we treat our customers. We are changing the solar energy industry for the better. We provide our customers with clean solar energy so that they are less dependent on nuclear and fossil fuels.


Great job that ensures success and results for our clients. We believe that the sun will provide the world with safe, sustainable and affordable energy for generations. Our team makes it happen. We are leaders in new, environmentally friendly and innovative technologies and we integrate them into your project. We'll help you harness energy innovation to stay ahead of you.


Yellow Boson SA belongs to the Blue Boson United Kingdom Societas holding company with its seat in London, boasting intellectual value valued at over a billion euro. It is a hardware multimedia energy efficiency platform that implements customer goals in the areas of industrial installations and home photovoltaic power plants and increasing the efficiency of heat and gas energy thanks to its own patented technology. Its clients are Skoda Auto, Bilfinger, PAK Konin, CEZ Skawina and Węglokoks Energia.

The Yellow Boson Group has gained its many years of experience in the energy industry over the last 15 years in many European markets. This allowed us to develop unique solutions that are being improved to be able to better meet the needs of industry and households.

By demonstrating the energy markets in many European countries, its mission is to inspire and support the achievement of energy independence, reduction of energy purchase costs and environmental protection.

The group is headed by Robert Zagozdzon, who started his business career in 1995 with the founding of a direct marketing company and, consequently, enabling him to demonopolize telecommunications and finance markets throughout Europe. The brand created at that time focused on the next, this time the energy industry and the opening energy market, and was again successful in several European countries.

Acquiring almost a million clients, it was sold in 2013 to the Swiss fund Cromicorn. The funds obtained in this way were invested in the development of the Polish branches of the group and these became leaders on the market of alternative energy and gas suppliers, serving hundreds of thousands of customers and successfully competing with the largest players in Polish business for many years.

Robert Zagozdzon Motto:

"A real revolution in our commercial world follows the paths of conscious evolution."

Today, the Yellow Boson SA group, managed in Poland by the ambitious Dawid Puton, intends to follow the same direction of product expansion as part of renewable and regenerative energy sources and territorial within Poland and Europe, which the group’s experienced management has been providing to projects for over 25 years. By investing in one of the leaders of Polish photovoltaics, Wolna Energie zoo, which under the watchful eye of Mateusz Mróz is famous for its reliability, sets its goals by developing further business platforms and investment projects within Yellow Boson SA.

The group derives its strength from an innovative approach to management and sales.

From the point of view of the management of the Yellow Boson group, people have a huge untapped potential. Globalization and corporations most often assume that the human being is a weak link and the human factor is detrimental to efficiency. From the point of view of a newcomer on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, it should be viewed from a different perspective. Individuality and human dignity cannot be overlooked. We create the world for people, not the other way around. And this is reflected in his strategy and everyday activities. We invite those who want to change the world for the better to cooperate with us.


What they say about us

They did great jog! The preparation of all documents needed was also perfect. I recommend their services to everyone.

Anna Górnicka PU ANGOR9

Real professionals in their industry. We entrusted them with full service - from the beginning through design, installation and completion of legal procedures. Money well invested!

Jerzy Druzgała Prezes zarządu Gminnej Spółdzielni „SAMOPOMOC CHŁOPSKA” w Myślenicach

I highly recommend Yellow Boson – very experienced Staff and perfect job.

Magdalena Owczarek Puławy

The company is worth recommending due to the high standard of services. Professional and comprehensive service, advice and assistance are their main advantages.

Dawid Hupało

It is a trustworthy business partner that provides comprehensive services in the field of photovoltaics. Their experienced staff, technical and organizational potential are a guarantee of receiving a high-quality service.

PGA Paweł Gaworski Skierniewice

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