Solar Energy


Installation of solar panels

If you want to invest in technology long term, solar energy is the answer.

Sunlight is free: the only costs involved are the initial investment in your PV system.

And you start saving from day one.

Before deciding which solar panel system is the best option for you, you need to know if you want to be completely grid-independent and would like to store energy in batteries, or if you want a solar system or heat pumps installed, but also want to stay connected to the grid.


Options for various solar installations


Off-the grid solar system using the battery as a storage, with the option to power the house when there is no sunlight, at night or at any time. Your home or business is not connected to the electricity grid at all. The solar energy produced is used up and the rest is stored in batteries for later use. Your property is self-sufficient in terms of electricity. There are no electricity or meter bills.


Off-grid solar system without batteries. This isolated photovoltaic system is suitable for homes, detached houses, farms and agricultural companies that may suffer from a lack of electricity supply, do not have access to the national grid, or want to be independent from energy companies. 100% of the electricity is generated by the solar system. Batteries are not needed as the generated power is only used during the day at the time of production.


The grid-connected option means that you use the solar system, but you are also connected to the electricity grid, which guarantees power whatever the circumstances. This solar system option is good if you don't want to invest in batteries but like to use electricity at night as well.


Solar grid systems with backup batteries. It is an ideal solution for locations with daily energy shortages. Your property is connected to the electricity grid, but solar systems will prioritize using the electricity stored in the batteries over electricity from the grid. It is cheaper to consume the electricity you generate yourself instead of paying into the grid.

Solar batteries

Intelligent batteries

Gather your energy

Make the most of the solar panel installation and store excess solar energy in the batteries. It will be ready for use at night or in the event of frequent power cuts.

A solar battery is the perfect combination for solar panel systems. This has a big advantage for off-grid solar systems where home and business owners want to be independent of their electricity supplier. The solar energy storage solution allows you to stay powered up also at night.

The size of your solar storage depends on your unique energy needs. Factors such as the amount of electricity your home uses and the devices you want to archive will play a key role in choosing the right battery storage solution.

How does a solar battery work?

During the day, when the solar panels produce more electricity than you can use, the excess is stored in the battery. You can use this stored energy in the evening when there is no sunlight and solar panels do not produce it. The battery is an indispensable addition to a photovoltaic solar installation for those who want to be energy self-sufficient.

Do I need to buy this storage device?

Batteries sold separately. It’s easy to switch to solar power without adding batteries to your PV solar system, but can be useful in special emergencies.


Solar energy monitoring system

A solar monitoring system is a great tool for maximizing the efficiency and performance of your solar photovoltaic system and ensuring that your solar panels perform at their best. You can see all the details in real time. This software helps you keep track of your energy consumption and determines what may need to be updated or adjusted to lower your monthly bill even further. In particular, the program shows you how much energy you are generating and where it is going.

It shows:

Water Energy

Solar water pumps

A solar powered pump is a pump that is powered by electricity generated by photovoltaic panels. This solar irrigation system can be used to grow agricultural crops and to maintain landscapes. It is the most effective irrigation for small and large farms.

We facilitate the transition to solar energy. You will be guided at every step. We will take care of the entire solar project from start to finish in a few simple steps.

Step 1 - Advice:

Free consultation with our experts. We will discuss your daily energy consumption to assess how much you can offset with solar energy and maximize your savings. We have several product options for you to suit your energy needs and budget.

Step 2 - Custom Design:

We design a solar power system based on your home's roof area, direction of the sun, shading etc. If it is not possible to install solar panels on the roof, another alternative would be to obtain ground panels or mount it on a wall.

Step 3 - Agreement and legalization:

When everything is settled, we sign a contract and perform all authorizations and licenses for you. If there are grants and financial support packages available in your area, we will arrange that. You don't have to worry about anything.

Step 4 - Installing Solar Panels:

Finaly your dream has come true. Your PV system has been installed. Since all components of the solar system have no moving parts, you can expect a long and trouble-free life.

Step 5 - Start safely:

You are now connected to clean green energy and cut your electricity bill for the next 25-35 years. You will enjoy the sun in a different way!

Solar powered pump.

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