Blue Boson Technology

Blue Boson Technology

Technology for Industry

Game Changer in industry, economy and health.

Physical purification of liquids based on quantum physics, water treatment without the use of chemicals, which brings double-digit savings in energy production and a revolution in the process of environmental protection, no investment required.

Blue Boson

Our Vision: To innovate all aspects of life and inspire others.

To this end, Blue Boson implemented research laboratories to verify existing technologies, build production lines to introduce new generation products and commercialize technological applications. This laid the foundations for a new research and development approach that will inspire new scientific and technological developments. Blue Boson works in collaboration with various partners to research cutting-edge science and develop cleantech technologies. These activities will include worldwide non-commercial environmental and humanitarian aid projects.

Blue Boson

Global Challenge

Human-induced climate change has catastrophic consequences for our planet.

Energy is the backbone of the world economy. Fuel and energy are consumed in production electricity, heating and cooling, as well as in industrial production processes.

The way energy is produced and used has a huge impact on the quality of the environment and on the health and safety of the population.

Blue Boson

Global Situation

Blue Boson

Global Solution - Quantum Technology

The patented method of our technology regulates the supramolecular structure of water and other liquid and gaseous media on three levels - physical, chemical and energy.

The method of changing hydrogen bonds leads to changes in water parameters such as surface tension, liquidity, heat capacity, density, evaporation rate and reactivity.

As a result, nature gets a chance to restore balance to our planet.

One Energy

We make a global difference in quality:








Water is the source of life on our planet.

We start with water:
the most common and at the same time the most unfathomable substance on Earth.
The properties of water are unique and do not comply with the generally accepted laws of physics, and this creates an opportunity for us.
Blue Boson technology redefines the rules in all areas of our lives.

“A real revolution in our commercial world takes place on the way of conscious evolution”
Robert Zagozdzon

Let's take a look at our first app, Blue Boson:

According to groundbreaking research into the physical and chemical properties of water carried out by Laura Maestro’s international research collaboration with Oxford University and quantum physicists in Italy, Mexico, Spain and the USA, there are two possible states of liquid water.

“Scientists have found that water does have a memory – human intentions can change the structure of water. The word – structure – is key … “Blue Boson

Blue Boson

Applications of technology

Technology based on quantum physics - the power of nature Effector® technology affects all areas of life through applications in various industries and households.

After more than twenty years of research and development, numerous successful pilot plants in various industries, we are introducing a patented flow technology that treats water and other liquids and gaseous media at a supramolecular level, without the use of chemicals.

This revolutionary technology provides double-digit energy savings in electricity, heating and cooling. This results in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, other negative environmental impacts, and pipe and machine maintenance costs.

Game Changer. A new strategy in the area of energy saving and environmental protection.

Blue Boson & Pico Technologia



A radical solution to today's environmental challenges and an ecologically sustainable future.



Pico technology - quantum mechanics and water - a combination of advanced technologies and a basic element in water purification and energy production; a new perspective to solve problems.



Blue Boson technology, treatment of water and gases in a physical process, without the use of chemicals.



Two-digit energy savings. Environmentally friendly, restoring balance to our planet. No investment required.

Protected by patent EP1941216 
EU Certificate: 141299091


The principle of operation of the Blue Boson technology

The EFFECTOR® device simulates the insolation of liquids in the same way as the sun in nature. The water flowing in the non-ionized band through the EFFECTOR® is subjected to pulses and radio waves. The basic principle of the technology is the use of modulated frequency in combination with electromagnetic pulses, causing energy changes in molecules, or between atomic molecules. This causes changes in the supramolecular structure of the fluid and affects the amount and spatial arrangement of hydrogen bonds. Changing the number and structure of hydrogen bridges has a significant impact on the structure of water. These changes in the water affect hydraulic systems, increasing their performance and energy efficiency. In practice, changes in physical properties occur as changes in surface tension, heat capacity, boiling point, liquidity, heat of vaporization.

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