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The operator of the website is Yellow Boson Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Operator”), which, pursuant to the Copyright Act (No. 618/2003 Coll.) and by virtue of related rights, is authorised to exercise all economic rights in this area of the site.

The Operator reserves the exclusive right to establish, issue and change the conditions governing the use of the website. By using these sites, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Operator hereby authorizes you to use its websites only for personal purposes.  The use of the sites for other purposes (in whole or in any part) requires the prior consent of the Operator, in accordance with the Copyright Act.Access to and use of website is free of charge.

The Operator’s aim is to provide the users with correct and current information and data on the website However, the data published on this website are of informative and non-binding nature.  The Operator is not responsible for the accuracy and validity of data obtained from other sources.The website may use temporary storage files, cookies. For more information, visit

In accordance with Act No. 428/2002 Coll. – “Protection of personal data”, the Operator may use its websites subject to the receipt of certain personal data from its users.The user providing any data and information via hereby agrees that the Operator may use this information for its own purposes.

The Operator is not responsible for:

Advertising or any other method of promotion managed by a third party through the sites,

Content and losses resulting from the use of third party sites that may be visited through the sites

Any interference with the substantive content or content of the websites is strictly prohibited, unless approved by the Operator. The Operator has the sole right to change, delete or amend any part of the pages.

Transmission / sending of any information or materials on / through the website is strictly prohibited, if the information is in violation of law or regulations or does not comply with established standards of social morality.

Unless otherwise specified except for the conditions referred to above, the publication of any data or information on does not constitute any legal act aimed at establishing a legal relationship between the Operator and the user.  Legal relations between the Operator and the user are governed by the terms and conditions that are in effect on the date of their establishment.

The conditions governing the use of website are valid and binding from the date they are made available.

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