List of building materials covered by the insulation relief

used to insulate building partitions, balcony slabs and foundations, included in thermal insulation systems or used to protect against moisture:

1.heating substation with a temperature programmer;

2. gas condensing boiler with controls, safety and regulating fittings as well as air supply and flue gas discharge system;

3. condensing oil boiler with controls, safety and regulating fittings as well as air supply and flue gas discharge system;

4. gas tank or oil tank;

5. a solid fuel boiler meeting at least the requirements set out in Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/1189 of 28 April 2015 implementing Directive 2009/125 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council with regard to ecodesign requirements for fuel boilers permanent (Journal of Laws UE L 193 of 21/07/2015, p. 100);

6. connection to the heating or gas network;

7. building materials included in the heating system;

8. construction materials included in the installation for preparing domestic hot water;

9. building materials included in the electric heating system;

10. heat pump with accessories;

11. solar collector with accessories;

12. photovoltaic cell with accessories;

13. window and door woodwork, including windows, skylights with assembly systems, balcony doors, garage doors, transparent non-opening surfaces;

14. construction materials constituting a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery or heat and cool recovery.

Thermal insulation of walls and roof – is such an investment profitable?

Many investors, future owners or even tenants of buildings ask themselves whether such an expensive investment is really profitable. The answer here is very simple and logical, always profitable, especially taking into account the constantly increasing heating costs, which we are forced to use even for several months a year. Properly made thermal insulation, necessarily with the use of the highest quality materials, will significantly reduce bills during the heating season. An uninsulated building loses about 30-35 percent of heat through the walls themselves, and you also need to add badly insulated roofs or leaky windows or external doors. This applies not only to the residential part of the house, it is also worth thinking about thermal insulation of other heated farm buildings located on the property. The costs incurred will pay off very quickly, although professional expertise must be carried out beforehand, preferably with the use of a thermal imaging camera showing exactly where the most heat is escaping. The conducted research has shown that in the case of a house with an area of ​​up to 150 m2, it can be as much as 10,000-12,000 kWh per year, and the financial losses will then be calculated in thousands of PLN.


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