Subsidies for the heat pump

Currently, a subsidy for the installation of a heat pump can be obtained in the only nationwide program, which is Clean Air. It can be used by people replacing the heating source and currently it is not available to people who are just building a house. However, this is to change soon thanks to the Moje Ciepło program, from which the owners of newly built houses will be able to receive subsidies for heat pumps.

Paweł Mirowski, vice-president of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, informs that the form of support provided under this program is to be a subsidy of up to 30 percent. eligible costs, depending on the type of heat pump used, but not more than PLN 21,000 zlotys.

The current plans of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management assume the announcement and launch of the first call for applications for subsidies from Moje Ciepła in the first or second quarter of 2022.

– The priority program Moje Ciepło will apply to the purchase and installation of heat pumps in new single-family buildings. The program is aimed at owners or co-owners of new single-family buildings – informs Paweł Mirowski.

So far, the National Fund does not specify the budget of the first call for applications for subsidies from Moje Ciepła.

How to get a subsidy up to 37,000 from the Clean Air program?

1. It is necessary to provide a certificate of income issued by the municipality.

Natural persons (owners or co-owners of single-family houses) with monthly income up to PLN 1,400 / person. (multi-person households) or up to PLN 1,960 (single-person households), may apply for a subsidy of up to 60% of the incurred costs of implementation consisting in the replacement of a non-ecological heat source, e.g. an old stove and thermo-modernization of a house, up to a maximum amount of PLN 37,000.

2. It is necessary to carry out the necessary modernization works and obligatorily to invest in photovoltaics.

– disassembly of an ineffective solid fuel heat source, e.g. a stove

– purchase and installation of a heat source for heating or heating and domestic hot water e.g. heat pumps for central heating

– optional purchase and installation of a gas boiler room

– purchase and installation of photovoltaic micro-installations

The above conditions must be met to be able to apply for the maximum amount (PLN 37,000) of return on investment in the form of a subsidy from the Clean Air 2021 program. If the project does not include a photovoltaic micro-installation, the maximum subsidy is PLN 32,000.

Additionally, they can be made (it is allowed to choose more than one element from the range):

– disassembly, purchase and assembly of a new central heating or DHW installation (including solar collectors, heat pumps only for DHW),

– purchase and installation of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery,

– purchase and installation of insulation of building partitions, windows, external doors, garage doors / gates (also includes disassembly),

– documentation concerning the above scope: energy audit (provided that thermal insulation of building partitions is performed), design documentation, expert opinions.

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