Life Water Technology


Life Water

Strengthen your immunity. Defend yourself against viruses and bacteria.

We are all connected by the water.

Even if you may think you are isolated,

water is constantly exchanged between you and others.

Stay safe and healthy

Thanks to technology based on the power of nature.

Bring a natural balance and health to your home and your family with electromagnetic waves, magnetic resonance and vibration technology for water structuring and disinfection.

Life Water


As the water circulates through the Blue Boson, the water is structured and disinfected in a physical process similar to the natural process.

This process is intensified by specific electromagnetic waves that cause magnetic resonance and mechanical vibration, so the bonds of the molecules shift and break to form new clusters.

Life Water


The power consumption of Blue Boson is similar to the battery consumption of a smartphone.

The device is covered by a 10-year warranty.

Depending on the application, the maintenance of the device may consist in replacing the flexible vibrating element or the part containing the antenna; such cases are rare.

The above maintenance includes a 3-year service warranty.

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