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Solar energy is the energy obtained from sunlight. It is a clean, sustainable, non-polluting and renewable energy source.

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Tecnología de luz solar

Solar energy is the energy obtained from sunlight. It is a clean, sustainable, non-polluting and renewable energy source. It does not emit any greenhouse gases when producing electricity. A solar photovoltaic (PV) system is fuel-free, noise-free and requires no or minimal maintenance.

Technologies that use solar energy, such as photovoltaic panels, convert sunlight into electricity – what is known as the ‘photoelectric effect’. Another solar technology is a solar heating system that converts sunlight into heat and makes it useful.

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Yellow Boson operates in many sectors


We make photovoltaic installations for houses.


We create solutions for commercial applications.


We offer comprehensive solutions for the industry.


We support the agricultural sector in the field of innovative technological, ecological and investment solutions.

Energy from nature

If you’re looking to invest in long-term technology, solar energy is the answer.


The new photovoltaic systems should operate for around 40 years.


Sprzętowa multimedialna platforma efektywności energetycznej:



Electricity through photovoltaic installations.



More efficient gas energy through Blue Boson devices.



Cheaper heat energy through Blue Boson devices.



Better water quality thanks to non-chemical water treatment with Blue Boson devices.

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If you’ve decided to switch to renewable energy and reduce your electricity bills, please ask our team for a quote and we’ll be in touch shortly. If you don’t know where to start and whether your home or business can be solar-powered, Yellow Boson experts and energy advisers will help you. We are an accredited contractor and we ensure that you will get the right solar system to meet your needs. We advise at every stage of the design and installation process. If there are any grant programs at national or local level, we will also take care of them for you.

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Is my roof suitable for installing solar panels? What type of roof do you need to enjoy solar PV?

Solar panels are compatible with most roofs. So if you have a roof, you can enjoy free solar energy. If your roof is not suitable for solar energy, another alternative would be to buy ground panels or install them on the wall.

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Why you should install solar panels in your home or business

The benefits of solar Energy

You save money on your electricity bill from day one

You can store energy in batteries and use it when you need it

Monitoring system, you control energy consumption

No energy bill increases every year

No CO2 emissions

Green and unlimited energy; you are part of global environmental change

The solar panels have no moving parts, which means they are maintenance-free

Solar panels

Solar energy efficiency in Spain

Installing solar panels in Spain is very profitable. It is one of the EU countries with the highest number of sunny hours during the year. Andalusia is the sunniest province in Spain. But it’s a common misconception that solar PV systems only work when it’s sunny. The truth is that solar panels will still produce electricity on cloudy days.

The new solar PV systems are expected to run for around 40 years, so managing your savings is a long term business.

All new buildings and renovations throughout Spain are legally required to include hot solar water, and from 2020 onwards, every new house built must use some of the energy it consumes as renewable.

Spain has presented plans for a complete transition to renewable electricity by 2050.

A solar photovoltaic system is the best choice among renewable energy. It is not as expensive as tidal energy and geothermal energy, and much less risky; it is easy to install, but unlike wind and waves, it is quite predictable.

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